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Thanks so much for dropping by. If you are not personally interested in adopting a greyhound, maybe you know someone who would be? If so, please recommend our site. There are other things you can do to help. In addition to monetary donations, there are many things we can make use of, such as:

    Dog food that has no BHT, BHA, ethoxyquin, propylene glycol or colour dies.
    Old leashes, any type
    Old washable dog beds
    Dog apparel from passed-on pets
    Cages of basically any size (we can take the panels apart & use as pens or gates in the foster homes.
    Old, very worn out comforters or sleeping bags (may not be good enough to give to the human shelters but we can still use as stuffing for inside newer made beds)
    Old pillows, or foam that hasn't been urinated on in the past (from sofas, etc.)
    Old crib mattresses of foam rubber are great too (they usually have a plastic cover over them and so can also be used as bedding)
    Old blankets or sheets (even if torn can be used)
    Old steel bowls or pyrex bowls to use as food dishes (no plastic please)
    Baby gates
    Toys such as old stuffed animals, even in rough condition, we can repair
    Material to make coats out of. Any flannel, or fleece. Anything we can't use for coats can be stuffing for dog beds.
    Any other ideas you have to help out are welcome.
Depending on where you live, we can send someone to pick up your donation. Just leave a comment in the guestbook as to what you'd like to donate we will be in touch. Be sure to fill out the e-mail line of the guestbook though!

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