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Before you make your final decision to adopt a greyhound, please make sure you have read this information carefully. Our group has certain requirements and criteria for potential adopters. It may seem a little strict, but it's only because we feel that the dogs have been through enough in their lifetime, and they deserve a home that they will truly fit into so that they can enjoy their retirement in peace. We try very hard to get to know the dogs in our foster homes so that we can find the best match possible in the greyhound/adopter relationship.

The Process...

Our adoption process generally goes as follows (but please keep in mind that every dog is a different circumstance and will be dealt with accordingly).

First, we require you to read all information available to you. Besides the information we are providing here (along with information you have likely found on other greyhound websites), one book we highly recommend is Cynthia Brannigan's "Living With A Greyhound". Clicking the link will take you to an information page on where you can look through 10 pages of the book before purchasing. This book is available on for under $15 Canadian. Also, feel free to ask your contact person if they will lend you a book about retired greyhounds.

Second, we would have a couple of initial conversations through e-mail/phone calls. Once we've established that you are serious about adopting, we will set up an appointment to meet in person. You are welcome to meet our dogs and sometimes we like to visit your home to see what kind of environment the dog would be living in. We may also want to meet other family members to make sure they are willing to help in the dog's transition period.

After meeting, we will continue to converse through e-mail & phone calls while the dog is being fostered. In the meantime, if you live close enough to one of the foster homes, we will sometimes allow you to visit the dog during it's foster time, in order to get to know it a little bit.

This is just a very generalized account of the process, but as mentioned above, every dog will be an individual case and will be dealt with in it's own way.

Thanks for dropping by.
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